”A light walk on earth” is a sympathetic goal for the modern human being. Our imprints must be set with care and respect for the foundation; nature and resources, humans and environments – the nature-given as well as the architectonic - ; globally and locally. Objects should be long-lasting, physically, but also for the mind and the eye. They have to fulfill demands for flexible use, architecture and aesthetics. Takes a lot of thoughts and run-ups, sometimes…. The ambition is artistic furniture with meaning and attitude.




A furniture is an element of architecture, which - simple and clear - should serve the space and the human beings. Still it is a self-dependent, completed shape, which - like a sculpture - must possess inner dynamic, agility and uniqueness. At the same time humble and full of character.
Visually lightness counteracts the importunately, physically lightness benefits mobility and flexibility. Minimized use of material reduces the impacts on our surroundings; near or distant.




Inspirations are multifarious: The material itself, the springy movement of a cat, the stalk of a leaf, the light flight of a bird...