”Troels Grum-Schwensen is educated as an architect. His work is clean furniture-architecture, where the properties of the materials and the shape are researched through a serious and analytic process. The effort shows results in that clear simplicity, that deserves the term; 'Danish furniture-art'.”
Danish national art foundation, committee for craft and design, 1997
”... Troels Grum-Schwensen seeks to explore the outer limits of material and construction employment, especially in terms of their resiliency. He is also occupied with the spatiality of furniture, the fact that furniture is not a two-dimensional form as on a drawing, but three-dimensional as a sculpture, and that it presents itself as a form idiom, which can be characterized as ”supple minimalism ... ”
Mike Rømer ,1998
Garde Hvalsøe Kitchens
Rumas A/S
P.J. Furniture
Veksø A/S
EH Seating / Martela dk
Kircodan A/S
Radius Møbler A/S
Midform / SIS USA Inc.
Labofa A/S
Randers + Radius
… “I regard Troels Grum-Schwensen as a very gifted architect, who – attentive to the customer and the physical surroundings – is able to bring spaces and furniture alive, in a stringent (but not too stringent) form-idiom.
Troels has a great sensibility for the rhythm in buildings and spaces – and exploit it to the limit – but has, at the same time, an eye for the twist that will surprise and challenge the user or the visitor of the spaces and interiors he has designed. “….


Claus Kastberg Nielsen,
director and founder of Copenhagen Economics
Municipality of Odense
Copenhagen Economics
Garde Hvalsøe Kitchens
Danish author's society
Friis og Marcussen
EH Seating
Brisbane Airport WATERLILY
National Museum of Art WATERLILY
Odense Municipality SYMPHONY
Århus Municipality CIRKUM
Hjørring hospital CIRKUM
Lüdker Golf resort WATERLILY
Kammeradvokaten WATERLILY
Kattegatcentret GENOA
Bella Center GENOA
Gyldendal Special meeting table
Copenhagen Economics CIRKUM, LOG
Bendt Brandt LOG
Kreiskrankenhaus Eschwege WATERLILY, LOG
Daiwa, Shouken CIRKUM
Heathrow Airport WATERLILY
San Francisco Airport GENOA