AIRchair   Stackable wooden chair

  • Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Prototype
  • Design: 2012     
  • Publicized: 2017


AIRchair is based on a constructive idea, which I have used in some, much earlier, chairs also: The back-leg and the back together creates a stabile triangle which – seen from above – is turned in relation to the main-directions of the chair. This construction takes away a part of the pressure from the traditional week point of wooden stacking-chairs; the joining of apron and back-leg. At the same time, it adds character to the chair-back as well as lightness and airy inner-spaces to the whole chair. The hereby achieved transparency of the chair is further emphasized by the thin slats in the back and the straps in the seat.

The almost vertical – slightly pyramidical positioned – legs gives calmness to the chair which, together with its relatively transparency, benefits the surrounding architecture.

For the series, I have also designed versions with armrest and/or upholstery. Furthermore, lower chairs and tables.