ATTACH table-system

  • Innovation and design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Client: LAMMHULTS
  • Design: 2006 – 2016
  • Publicized: Feb. 2016



Basically, ATTACH consists of two parts: An apron in extruded aluminum and a casted leg.

The user can just attach the leg to the apron by hand, using no tool, and the gravity will lock and stabilize the table-construction, when it stands.


The goal behind this idea has, from the beginning of the design-process, been to optimize the degree of freedom for the end-user and interior-planners.


Freedom to adapt table-shapes and sizes for specific rooms and specific needs.


Freedom to adapt positioning of table-legs for specific chair-widths, sitting-patterns or expressions.


The aim was to offer this freedom and adaptability, not by having a lot of different parts, but by carefully adjusted simplicity and innovative use of gravity.




On all rectangular tables, there are only two longitudinal aprons. More than giving an airy expression, this also enables the manufacturer to offer a huge span in table-widths, due to the easiness of mounting the aprons near each other or with more distance, according to the wanted width of the table-top.

Actually, LAMMHULTS, offers any measurement between 90cm and 200cm in top-width for the customer. By centimeter!


It has been an essential part of the design-process to experiment with using the table-top as the only transversal construction-element - supported solely in longitudinal direction, where most needed.

Also regarding the graphical expression of the table, this untraditional approach, has been a specific challenge.



The triangular aluminium-apron of ATTACH is strong enough to make a span of up to 3 metres between legs – which is also approximately the max-length of a table-top.

Longer tables can be made, by using a special-developed connection-part, which allows adding more aprons together, without losing strength.


Being relatively easy for the manufacturer to cut aprons in different lengths, any custom-wanted length from 150cm - and up - can be made. Theoretically there is no limitation of the max- table-length and LAMMHULTS offers free choice of length - by centimeter!



The simplicity of the construction of the ATTACH-table-system, allows the manufacturer to make many different shapes of table-tops, using only the same two basic-elements; the apron and the leg.

Circular and square tables can be made of square or hexagonal frames and f.ex. elliptical tables on octagonal or rectangular frames.


“Freedom is the key-word and the sitting human the approach. With ATTACH it will not be the table that sets the limitation.”

Troels Grum-Schwensen


ATTACH consists of recycled aluminum-parts, which can easily be separated, when the table has fulfilled its duty.