CIRKUM stackable chair with or without arms

  • Design by: Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Manufacturer: Randers+Radius
  • Design: 1998 – 2000
  • Publicized: 2000


The CIRKUM stacking-chair is a rather small and very lightweight meeting-chair, which combines an excellent comfort with architectonic calmness and visual adaptability for many kinds of rooms.

The geometrical key is the semi-circle. In the arm-version, back and armrests together forms a clear and significant semi-circle that, by a simple and generous gesture, embraces the sitting person – or welcomes the one still standing.

As the chair, so to speak, is formed around the sitting person, it got the name CIRKUM, meaning “around”.


Its simple main-shape is supplied with elegance and dynamics by the shaping of the wooden parts, which are all tapered, allowing the material to have thickness where strength is needed and, at the same time, to draw very thin and delicate contours.


The significantly cantilevered armrest allows the chair to be hanged on table-tops without any kind of hardware.


The wide range of versions and colors, together with available hardware for row-settings etc., makes CIRKUM a very versatile chair.

An elegant "acteur" - dressed for the occasion – in all kinds of architectonic rooms from canteens and assembly-rooms to exclusive meeting-rooms with the highest demands, regarding aesthetics and functionality.


Originally, I also designed a very innovative, simplistic and architectonic series of tables for this chair.