DE-ÈSSE easy-chair

  • Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Prototype - executed for SE16 by EGEVÆRK
  • Design: 2015-2016     
  • Publicized: Autumn 2016 (SE16)


De-ésse is a modern, light and comfortable easy-chair, with roots in the in the best of Danish cabinetmaker-tradition.

The design is, literally speaking, based on the long, through-going wood-piece, forming the seat and the back-leg. By curving the upper-side, strength in the right place and a comfortable convex seat-shape are both achieved in one simple design-stroke. This graphic character, associating to the legendary Citroën DS from 1955, has given the chair its name.

A clearly readable, transparent construction with coherent, logical and beautiful lines was an important aim, during the design-efforts.