Flying Float – Long-chair with adjustable back

  • Design by: Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • One-off, executed by E.O Jönsson
  • Design: 1999
  • Publicized: 2000 at SE2000


“Flying Float” combines a stable plinth with an almost flying back, which is flexible and forgiving for the sitting person. Furthermore, the construction is an experiment with using gravity to lock the back, which can be repositioned as wanted, without using tools, by just reducing the weight on the back for a moment, while sliding it to the wanted new position. A simple push-pull-system with 4 “friction-wheels” integrated in the armrest makes this possible.

The more backward the back is positioned the more reclined the sitting-posture, due to the tapering dimension of the base and vice-versa.

The plinth and the back are made in plywood-ribs, dressed with a thin flexible “skin” of Aeroplan-veneer. Armrests are stainless steel.