• Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • "One-of-design" for SE18
  • Design: 2018
  • Publicized: 2018
  • Prototype executed by Malte Gormsen


For the exhibition SE18 – under the common theme; MONO – I designed 2 very different chairs, each approaching the theme from very different angles.


RUM (Danish for “Space”) is a throne constructed around two vertical cones. Seventeen identical elements make up the whole, encircle the sitter and question how many – or how few- identical elements it takes to create a monolithic, unified form. The chair is technically demanding, not least in the sophisticated triangular joint under the seat, where the tapered slats come together in one precise point. The chair appears most monolithic when seen form the back, appealing to the imagination as it does not really appear as a chair.


BLOK (Danish for Block) addresses the main-theme more directly. Appearing like it was cut from one big block, it refers to the way a sculptor carves into a material, e.g. a stone.


Together the two chairs form a contrasting pair:

Additive – Subtractive

Space – Mass

Vertical – Horizontal

Light - Dark